Ramblers let's get Ramblin' / by Jose Loza

In the past year I have taken up the hobby of plein air painting. It is a great way to get out of the studio and take on a new perspective. My recent concern was on how to put together a kit which is portable, lightweight, and still allowed the ability to create good work. This kit is made for painting small works in tight spaces and can be used with any dry media, watercolor, gouache, and acrylic.

There are plenty of ways to customize your own kit just as i took inspiration from other setups. This assembly is for my new watercolor painting pursuit. I love how portable the media is and plan to take it with me hiking to new areas.

My setup up is made to fit in a backpack with three separate compartments, side straps, and back straps. The exterior of the backpack will hold a water container, a fold-out stool, and shade umbrella setup. 


The VEO-204 AB is my new favorite thing. It's small enough to fit inside a normal backpack yet large enough to hold or your materials while painting. A nice feature about this tripod is the light weight aluminum body, small ball head, 4 section legs with three angel options.

Tripod attachments are all made out of wood. Magnets are used to hold the palette, pencil sharpener, and water cup. Clamps hold a sketch book to the wood backing. The flat surface of the clamps do not leave an indentation on the surface of the book.


I will post more updates as I continue to work and take it on the road.