New Updates! / by Jose Loza

I have recently been neglecting updates to my blog in leu of posting to social media. The problem with only posting to social media is how sporadic my habits have become in updating my portfolio with new and current works.

From now on I will be posting illustrations and current work weekly to my blog and other social media sites. This effort is to continue a dialogue with my work and current political/ social context.  

From my recent trip to San Francisco...

I was sitting in Union Square sketching under the shade of an umbrella when all of a sudden I hear the dense echo of a siren. This siren was not from the previous ambulances or police cars making their way through the tourist filled street of San Francisco but a warning Siren being tested. Just how I paused and then went back to what I was focused on, so did everyone in Union Square. The reason this caught my attention is how my mind immediately connected an emergency siren sound with the political talks happening in Singapore between trump and kim jong un. Here is the result from that noon day experience. 

I title this: Supreme Leader(s)