Hiatus ends with an Insight / by Jose Loza

In the past couple months I have continued to focus on my goal of getting my undergraduate degree. It has taken a toll on me professionally but rewarding on a creative and academic level. On the one hand I have had to turn down and turn away from some gigs. There is no regret but I feel ever so thankful for the opportunities I have had instead. This academic experience is definitely offering me new perspective and experiences that I am already starting to put into practice. To my surprise the effects to new methods in painting are coming in equal part from my Art History/Writing and Studio courses.  I may be a bit late promoting this:) but toward the end of my Spring Semester I got a painting accepted into the Annual School of Art Exhibition for graduate and undergraduate students. I would like to invite you to stop by and check it out. The show will be up until May 26th.

The University Art Museum and the School of Art presents the annual student exhibition, INSIGHTS 2017. Juried by distinguished guest jurors, INSIGHTS 2017 features work by graduate and undergraduate students from the School of Art.


The work I submitted is an acrylic portrait painted on wood. I started the work for a group show but as it progressed, it started to look like a good portfolio piece for my upcoming academic endeavor. This was one of the works I submitted along with my application into the CSULB Illustration BFA program.