Opening Night Social Justice Exhibition, Santa Ana / by Jose Loza

This Saturday August 6th is the opening of the Chicano/Latino Artists United for Social Justice Exhibition. I will have a couple pieces on display along with other artists.

This is a group show featuring artists:
Emigdio Vasquez, Higgy Vasquez, Enrique Brito, Rosemary Vasquez Tuthill, Josh Correa, Abram Moya Jr., James Rocha, Jess, Benjamin, Valenzuela, Mriyana Negrette, Gregg Stone, Marina Aguilera, Henry Godines, Cynthia Bustus, Matthew Barrios Southgate, Roger Reyas, Carlos Callejo, Maria Reyna, Ignacio Gomez, Federico Medina, Ricardo Duffy, Emerson Menjivar, Ronnie Ramos, Celestino Orozco, Guillermo Avalos,Jose Loza, Moises Camacho, Alicia Rojas,Cuezalin Rios, Armando Cepeda.

Curated by: Abe Moya

August 6 - September 10,2016

Public Reception: Saturday, August 6th.  6PM - 10PM

117 North Sycamore, Santa Ana, CA. 92701
(714) 667-1517

The Reason for the exhibition "Chicano/Latino Artists United for Social Justice" is to express feelings and ideas through art on issues in the Chicano/Latino community that feel neglected. Art is one way to express feelings about issues without going into the streets, as we have all seen in the news media. Many strides in the Chicano and Latino community have been made. However, there is much work to be done. From education, immigration, labor to fair compensation and labor of women in the workplace, and to address the overall historical injustices done to the Chicano and Latino. This exhibit is not to be negative but to educate and inspire to move forward towards a positive future. Art is just one avenue to reach that goal.

This exhibit will enrich and benefit the community by not only expressing issues but to show different art styles. The artists in the exhibition are young and old, male and female, Santa Ana residents and artists from the local area. By showcasing artists from diverse backgrounds and art styles giving them positive recognition for their creativity has rarely been shown in Orange County.